A downloadable game for Windows

Similar to Asteroids, the gameplay area is a square in space. The player ship is controlled using the WASD keys to move forward, left, down, and right; as well as the left and right arrow keys to rotate. The directions work in the direction the player ship is facing, so if it is facing the bottom of the screen and the player pushes W, the ship will move towards the bottom of the screen. The space bar fires the plasma cannon, while left/right shift boosts the ship, and left/right control stops it. The player ship has infinite ammunition. Enemy ships warp into a random spot within the gameplay area. The large enemies do not appear until after round 10. Each ship has enough health to withstand more than one hit from the plasma cannon of the player. The large ships are destroyed after 10 hits, the mid-sized ships after 5, and the small ships after 3 hits from the player ship's plasma cannon. A round is completed when all enemy ships are destroyed, and points are awarded for each round completed and ships destroyed. The game has no definite end, and will continue until the player ship has been destroyed. The player ship can only be destroyed by the enemy ships, which attempt to hit the player ship during the game. If any enemy ship hits the player, the player's ship is destroyed and they must start over again. The menu has the necessary key bindings written out, and there is an interactive scene for the game's controls as well. The credits list the programmer, as well as the sources for all of the artwork.

Thank you for checking it out!

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it wherever you like. After extracting, open the directory and double-click the DualityLauncher.exe executable to run the game.